Heavy Metal Memories!!!

Gory greetings horror fans and headbangers alike! This batch of BRAIN HAMMER’S PICKS FROM THE CRYPT is dedicated to those two great tastes that go great together: Horror Movies & Heavy Metal! I’m proud to present you gorehounds and rivetheads my thoughts on some superior flicks from the golden era of horror/metal hybrids. These flicks all feature long haired degenerate metalheads in staring roles and original soundtracks exploding with heavy metal thunder! Get ready to share in some priceless heavy metal memories. You just might bang your head till you bleed!





Marc Price, well known to 80’s TV lovers as the wacky next door neighbor Skippy from Family Ties stars as Ragman, a loser teenage metalhead who is tormented by bullies in school and spends his free time writing fan letters to his favorite rocker – the controversial and flamboyant Sammi Curr. Ragman idolizes Sammi Curr because Sammi went to the same shitty small town high school as a teen, and like Ragman he was hated by the students and staff. The bastards wouldn’t even let Sammi come back and play a free Halloween concert for the kiddies!

When Sammi suddenly dies in a mysterious hotel room fire Ragman is completely devastated. In sheer frustration, he rips down every heavy metal poster in his room. The shit really hits the fan when Ragman is given a rare test pressing of the unreleased brand new Sammi Curr record by his radio dj pal, Nuke. (played by non other than Gene Simmons from KISS!) Being a stereotypical 80’s metalhead, Ragman plays the record backwards and the vengeful spirit of Sammi Curr is unleashed!

Sammi’s voice, instructions, and and the supernatural power of his spirit help Ragman finally get revenge against all of the jocks and preps that had been pushing him around for years. A metal shop confrontation with the skinny leather tie sporting lead bully (who asks Ragman if he considers him to be a wussy fucking weak tit!) nearly ends in bloodshed, thanks to Sammi’s malevolent spirit. At first Ragman (I never get tired of typing that name!) loves getting the upper hand against the bastards that had been making his life miserable. But Sammi soon goes too far, and his sinister spirit manifests itself as a demon lizard that molests a topless skank in a car before melting her ears with the fire of his rock n’ roll!

Ragman then realizes that he’s really just a pawn in Sammi Curr’s deadly game of revenge against the school. Ragman’s dream of meeting his rock idol in the flesh becomes a nightmare when he watches Sammi’s charred corpse reach into a television set to attack his moral crusading critics. (Including Ozzy Osbourne himself in a hilarious cameo!) Ragman then has to race against time to try to destroy the record containing Sammi’s spirit before Sammi can resurrect himself in the flesh at the big Lakeridge High Halloween dance and make the entire school suffer…after midnight.

TRICK OR TREAT is the true definition of a heavy metal horror flick. It was clearly manufactured and marketed to appeal to the rabid legions of 80’s metalheads. The blistering heavy metal soundtrack is performed exclusively by Fastway. Previous to seeing this movie I had never really been too familiar with them, other than the fact that Fast Eddie Clarke from Motorhead was the guitar player. Fastway provides some really good tracks here, including the classic title track, After Midnight, Tear Down The Walls, Don’t Stop The Fight, and Get Tough. The music compliments the movie perfectly. Metalheads will also love Ragman’s bedroom in the movie, as it is full of classic heavy metal posters and records. There’s a great scene where Ragman’s mom leafs through his record collection and gets a steaming eyeful of his Megadeth, Possessed, and Impaler records!

Sammi Curr is played to perfection by the late great actor and former Solid Gold dancer Tony Fields. (RIP) Tony is absolutely electric in this role and even gets to break out some of his dance moves during the big musical number towards the ends of the film. Marc Price does a great job in the lead role but is a bit of a miscast as a metalhead, because he’s just too damn geeky. The positive of casting Marc on the other hand is that it’s completely believable watching him get his ass kicked. High school angst is the real star here. There is some heart string tugging drama along the way as Ragman is stripped and humiliated in gym class, and later shoved into a swimming pool with a backpack full of weights. You really do have to feel for the kid as he is continually humiliated throughout the beginning of the film.

There’s also a slew of very memorable lines in this baby, especially in the opening scene where we hear a beautiful letter that Ragman is composing for Sammi. “You did it man. You beat this fucking school…it’s like you say: Rock’s chosen warriors will rule the apocalypse.” FUCK YEAH!!! This flick is fairly soft in the horror department. No blood, just lots of wacky demon hijinks including the aforementioned melting ears and the awesome sight of Sammi Curr reaching into a TV set and pulling out the shriveled and charred remains of an obnoxious anti-rock & roll crusading hag. The two biggest selling points of this flick were the special effects and the brief cameo appearances of Ozzy & Gene.

Sadly, TRICK OR TREAT didn’t exactly light the box office on fire, but it went on to be a cult clas-sick on video. I’ve been a big fan of this one ever since I bought a used vhs copy of it around 1990 or so. Trick Or Treat is currently available on a cheap-o bare bones dvd from Platinum Entertainment. You can also find it in an amazing double feature dvd set along with the Charlie Sheen/Clint Howard classic THE WRAITH! Your head might explode from the sheer awesomeness of that double feature.

This dvd is better than nothing of course, but I DEMAND a special edition two disc release with commentary from Marc Price and director Charles Martin Smith and a bonus documentary on the career of Tony Fields! Someone, please make this happen as soon as possible!




A big beefy softball player is the victim of a fatal hit and run. His grieving and dimwitted mother logically turns to the local voodoo priestess. Soon enough sonny boy is turned into a big beefy bloodthirsty zombie hellbent on catching up to the frosted hair sporting punks who left him dead. A junior police officer (and I mean JUNIOR – the guy looks about 20 years old tops!) attempts to investigate as dead bodies start turning up all over town, even at the “Twist & Creme”! The drunken and incoherent police chief only seems to want to cover the whole thing up, and he may have his own deadly motives for doing so.   

Any flick that has its opening titles set to the shredding sounds of Motorhead’s “Ace Of Spades” certainly deserves a mention when discussing heavy metal horror flicks! This 1986 Canadian epic by director Jack Bravman stars the rock warrior himself – Jon Mikl Thor as the lead zombie! It also features a poofy haired spaghetti throwing lead villain who looks like he could easily fill in as the bass player of Whitesnake. This flick is also notable for a brief, probably intoxicated appearance from that nutjob Adam West, and for marking the screen debut of a fresh faced Tia Carrare, who later went on to star in “Wayne’s World” and several of my wet dreams.

This rather putrid zombie flick is probably best known for being featured in a classic episode of “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” Even without the brilliant wisecracks of Mike Nelson & his robot pals this flick still manages to be unintentionally hilarious. The acting across the board is just horrible. Adam West turns in a performance so bad that even HE should be ashamed of it. The direction is so slow and uninspired it sometimes feels like the director fell asleep while he was filming. There’s not a likable character in the bunch, but at least they all die. Being a softball enthusiast, the zombie prefers to bash brains in with his trusty bat instead of eating them. This has a lot less carnage then one might expect from a flick titled “Zombie Nightmare.” This pretty much fails as a horror flick, but works as both a comedy and a period piece. This flick is truly a shrine to all things with big hair and small brains.

The best part of the movie is easily the AMAZING soundtrack which includes “Ace Of Spades,” “Danger Zone” by Fist, “We Rule The Night” by Virgin Steel, “Rebirth” by Thor, “C’mon Let’s Go” by Girlschool, and best of all: “Midnite Man” by a very young and very glammed out Pantera! Rockin’ stuff!

ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE is now available on dvd from Scorpion Entertainment. The bonus features include a commentary track with director John Fasano and star Jon Mikl Thor and interviews. The MST3K episode featuring Zombie Nightmare has been released on dvd by Shout! Factory. A dvd collection without a copy of BOTH is utter shit to me.




Road weary rockers The Tritonz take a much needed vacation at a secluded farm house/recording studio WAY outside of Toronto. Their big haired and bigger breasted leader Jon Triton (played by the rock ‘n’ roll LEGEND himself – Jon Mikl Thor!) sets the ambitious goals of getting some rest, scratching the seven year itch, and trying to come up with ten minutes of new material for the record company. Little does this promising young band know that they will soon break up, one by one, limb by limb!

This rock ‘n’ roll wet dream quickly becomes the rock ‘n’ roll nightmare the title promises. One by one the rather moronic band mates, their nerdy manager who sports a sweet “Archies Fan Club” jacket, and their various haggard looking wives and groupies are all possessed and/or killed by impish and deadly demonic forces that are running rampant throughout the evil house. Only Jon Triton is still left standing after a long day of making music and making sweet love in the shower. (You’ll want some bleach on hand to splash in your eyes when this scene comes on!) He must accept the challenge to overcome the evil ALONE.

I would be lying if I called “Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare” anything but the greatest film of all time. It really is pretty much the best movie ever made. I can’t think of another movie that I’ve watched so many times and can still find it as entertaining and utterly hilarious as the first time I saw it. (except for Samurai Cop, but thats a topic for another day) This Canadian epic was written and produced by the multi-talented Thor, and was directed by John Fasano who also directed the clas-sick “Black Roses.” It was made on a micro-budget, shot in a matter of days, and was actually one of the first movies to ever be completely edited digitally. For it’s time this was cutting edge stuff!

This flick could be described as a cracked out combination of “The Muppet Show,” “This Is Spinal Tap,” “Hercules Unchained,” “Clash Of The Titans,” and “The Evil Dead.” Only “Basket Case” has ever used clay to greater effect. The lovingly and crappily crafted little clay monsters in this flick look like refugees from a bad “Gumby” episode or something. Lots of great use of puppets as well. The sight of a muscular man clad in a silver jockstrap attempting to convincingly wrestle a giant Satan puppet in a carefully choreographed battle to the death is another one of those things that I think all people should see before they die.

I’ve described the nightmarish aspects of the film (although I mercifully avoided any discussion of the inept acting, ugliness of the actresses, or the sluggish pacing) so it’s time to talk about the rock ‘n’ roll! Jon Mikl Thor wrote the lions share of the music for the film and of two of his classic songs are featured music video style within the film – “We Live To Rock” and “Energy.” These mini-videos are the highlight of the film. The soundtrack also features metal anthems from Thor like “We Accept The Challenge” and “Heads Will Turn.” Thor really is a rock warrior! He tours and releases albums and films to this day.

This classic flick has finally got the beautiful special edition dvd treatment it so richly deserves thanks to the fine folks at Synapse Films. The dvd includes a hilarious commentary track with John Fasano and Jon Mikl Thor where they have a laugh watching the film together many years later, as well as a sweet mini biography piece on Thor. I consider this a must see flick and a must own dvd! ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE!!!




Another heavy metal themed horror epic from director John Fasano, who had become a household name for directing the classic “Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare” a year earlier. This one is about a very popular and controversial metal band called Black Roses who out of the blue announce that they will be kicking off their world tour in a tiny little town in the middle of East Buttfuck, USA.

The concerned parents in Mill Basin are initially up in arms over having the hard living hard rockers in their small town but are eventually won over by the smooth talking Roses front man, Damian. The parents should have listened to their instincts as the Black Roses are actually DEMONS that merely pose as a rock band so they can possess stupid kids with their evil music. Once the evil has claimed their souls the kids turn into killers and rise up against their parents. Definitely a cautionary tale.

The plot is pure 80’s. Keep in mind this flick came out in 1988, which was right around the same time that the Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priest suicide cases were making headlines. There was also a considerable backlash at that time against heavy metal for having an evil, corrupting influence on kids. This flick plays up those fears to ultimate comedic effect. There’s a great scene where an obnoxious father (some fat Italian dude from “The Sopranos” that I refuse to look up on imdb) gets sucked into his son’s speakers.

There’s also tons of big hair, leather outfits, and some nice gratuitous nudity. This one is just as hilarious as “Rock N’ Roll Nightmare”, but is slightly (very slightly!) better acted and has a touch higher production value. The effects are still bargain basement cheapness though! This flick was memorable for having a very beautiful vhs cover with 3D plastic artwork. This flashy cover made the flick stand out amongst the pack of other horror flicks in video stores and helped this flick become a bit of a success. 

As you might expect from its inclusion in a “heavy metal memories” discussion, this flick has an excellent heavy metal soundtrack. It features gems like “Soldiers Of The Night” and “Rock Invasion” performed by Black Roses/Masi, “Me Against The World” by Lizzy Borden, and my personal favorite – “D.I.E.” by the criminally underrated thrashers Hallow’s Eve!

In the proud tradition of their “Rock ‘N’ Roll Nightmare” dvd, the good folks at Synapse Films released a fantastic special edition dvd of BLACK ROSES that includes goodies like a commentary track with John Fasano, interviews with the cast, and never before seen audition footage. Exactly the type of release a clas-sick flick like this deserves!


SHOCKER (1989)

Mitch Pileggi stars as Horace Pinker – a savage and powerful television repairman/serial killer who dabbles in black magic and animal sacrifices and specializes in slaughtering entire families. After a brutal killing spree that claims 37 victims, Pinker is brought to justice when a college football player named Jonathan Parker (Peter Berg) with a special bond to the killer begins dreaming about Pinker’s crimes and uses his newfound psychic abilities to lead the police to the murderer’s lair. Things get even more personal when Pinker snuffs Parker’s adoptive family and his girlfriend before the cops can finally catch up to him.

Horace is convicted for his crimes and quickly sentenced to die in the electric chair. And when I say “quickly” I mean it, because they apparently decide to execute him just a day or two after capturing him (no pesky appeals to worry about)! Just before he is scheduled to die, Pinker performs a bizarre occult ritual in his cell with a disassembled TV set that sends enough juice into him to knock him unconscious. A dimwitted guard attempts CPR on Pinker and almost gets his bottom lip chewed off for his efforts. Pinker is finally dragged into the execution chamber and strapped into the electric chair.

Little do the authorities know that this execution will spark a whole new era of terror. Horace somehow survives the first massive power surge, and it takes a few more tries to finally reduce his body to fried meat. The combination of black magic and massive amounts of electricity transform Horace Pinker into a seemingly unstoppable supernatural monster with a penchant for really bad Freddy Krueger styled puns. Pinker also gains the diabolic ability to pass into the bodies and souls of others. Now frequently switching bodies, Pinker’s wisecracking evil electric spirit is determined to keep killing as many people as possible and to get revenge on Jonathan for turning him in.

After a wild encounter in a park where Jonathan battles Pinker’s soul inside the bodies of an injured cop, a musclebound construction worker (played by former Alice Cooper guitarist Kane Roberts!), and even a cute little blonde girl, Jonathan is effectively framed for murder. With the cops hot on his trail, Jonathan turns to his gridiron teammates and his dead girlfriend for help. Dead girlfriend gives Jonathan her magical necklace which contains enough “pure love” to remove Pinker’s soul from whatever body he may be possessing. (this bit was lifted directly from Evil Dead II!) Armed with the magic necklace, Jonathan prepares an elaborate plan to destroy Pinker once and for all that climaxes as the two mortal enemies pursue each other through a frequently changing electronic landscape of television shows in a chase to the death.

Legendary writer/director Wes Craven was the mastermind behind this splatterific slasher satire full of outrageous sight gags and an overload of cornball humor. Despite the best efforts of the MPAA (this film had to be cut thirteen times to earn an R rating!) a fair amount of blood gets mixed in with the laughs. SHOCKER was made on a very low budget and was shot in about ten weeks, although you wouldn’t necessarily know it when viewing the finished product. The film sometimes frustratingly alternates between being clever and just flat out stupid, but it never feels cheap or rushed. If anything, it goes on a bit long for it’s own good. The wild climax in TV land is the best example of this. I think this scene would have been more effective if it had been about half as long. Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the brief appearances of Jerry “The Beaver” Mathers, Alice Cooper, and LSD guru Dr. Timothy Leary!

“Shocker” was released in October 1989, just in time for Halloween. The film received a lot of bad reviews, but still managed to carve up about $16 million at the box office. Not bad for a film with a $5 million budget, but sadly not enough to warrant any sequels. It’s fairly obvious that Craven was looking to create a new horror franchise with Horace Pinker, but it just wasn’t meant to be. “Shocker” has gone on to become something of a cult favorite and a lot of the credit for that has to go to the rocking soundtrack.

The memorable tag line for the film was “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” and the classic Alice Cooper song of the same title was provided by none other than Megadeth! The soundtrack also includes tracks from cock rockers such as Dangerous Toys, Bonfire, and a short lived “super group” called The Dudes Of Wraith comprised of producer Desmond Child, Paul Stanley from Kiss, Rudy Sarzo from Quiet Riot/Ozzy, Vivian Campbell from Dio, and Tommy Lee from Motley Crue.

Sadly, the soundtrack cd is now out of print, but the movie is still easy to come by. SHOCKER is available on dvd, either by itself or included in a double feature with the craptacular 1991 Wes Craven flick “The People Under The Stairs.” There’s supposedly a remake of “Shocker” in the works, so hopefully a brand new special edition dvd, or better yet a re-release of the soundtrack will attempt to cash in on this.




THE SAW IS FAMILY!!! Leatherface returns unscathed from both chainsaw disembowelment and a grenade explosion with a brand new family of psychos in this 1990 flick that seems to ignore the existence of the first two “Chainsaw” flicks. What you get this time is a yet another tale of a traveling young couple who fall into the clutches of Bubba and his kinfolk. Bill Butler dies quickly (as he always does, but that’s subject matter for another day!) and it’s up to Ken Foree to save the day with his trusty machine gun!

This flick starts with a SPLAT (the first thing we see is a chick getting the business end of a sledge) and keeps up the action and intensity right up until the end. A lot of fans (sadly including Joe Bob Briggs) think this flick is garbage and the worst of the series, but I have to disagree. That honor obviously goes to Kim Henkel’s pathetic “Next Generation.” “Leatherface” on the other hand is a full-on hardcore horror flick, that when seen in its uncut form is easily the most violent and action packed entry in the franchise.

Keep in mind this flick was butchered to get an “R” rating. The MPAA gave this flick an “X” rating seventeen times before it was finally neutered to suit their standards. When it was finally released in 1990 the horror fans of the world collectively took a dump on it, and rightfully so. The “R” rated version was so hacked too pieces it barely made sense in some scenes. Even the director Jeff Burr wanted nothing to do with it. However, the film has now been restored and is available on dvd with the gore and continuity intact. I think this flick deserves a second chance with fans. Any flick where Leatherface takes the time to crank up a little Death Angel before mowing someone over in his truck clearly has its heart in the right place!

There are some really great performances from Ken Foree as our hero, Viggo “Lord Of The Rings” Mortensen as the sexually ambiguous hitchhiker “Tex,” and the always underused Joe Unger as the brains of the family “Tink.” I also love Tom Everett’s performance as the creepy gas station attendant “Alfredo” who throws hacked limbs and severed heads into a swamp and asks the immortal question “Is it soup yet?”

Then of course there’s the soundtrack, the reason this flick belongs in this column. Any TCM flick where Leatherface takes the time to crank up a little Death Angel before mowing someone over in his truck clearly has its heart in the right place! New Line wisely decided that this flick needed to be marketed to the heavy metal loving horror fans of the world and put together a kick ass soundtrack which was released by Medusa Records in 1989. (thanks to the battles with the MPAA the soundtrack came out before the movie!)

Check out the killer lineup:

Laaz Rockit – Leatherface
Death Angel – Bored
Wrath – When Worlds Collide
Hurricane – Spark In My Heart
SGM – Power
Sacred Reich – One Nation
Utter Lunacy – Monster Mash
Wasted Youth – The Gift Of Death
Obsession – Methods Of Madness
MX Machine – Psychotic Killing Machine

I still cherish my well worn cassette of the soundtrack! The inside of the album cover features some nice publicity shots for the flick that I’ve still never seen anywhere else. Trust me when I say that the title track is some fucking tremendous thrash!

“Here’s your invitation to come join Leatherface
It’s his addiction to keep you face to face!”




A 1988 horror flick notable to metalheads for featuring Joey Belladonna from Anthrax in a small yet pivotal role as “Sid,” a young hippy dude who is brutally disfigured in an acid bath during a pledge night hazing prank. Years later his nasty looking corpse (not played by Joey) shows up to wreak some Freddy Kruger styled havoc on a new group of dimwitted frat boys and their idiot pledges.

This fun horror flick, which was produced by genre legends Shapiro/Glickenhaus, could be described as a cheeseball combination of “Animal House” and “Nightmare On Elm Street.” The character of “Acid Sid” is a rather lame attempt at a Freddy Kruger ripoff. He spouts hippy one liners like “Where’s the protest?” and “This one’s for Spiro Agnew!” while he stalks his victims. There is more than a little splatter for gorehounds to enjoy, but the main focus here is ass-related hilarity. If you dig that sort of thing this is your movie!

This movie has a fixation on male asses that is really quite disturbing. There’s lots of nauseating homo erotic frat boy hijinx along the way including cherries up the ass, cherry bombs up the ass, and even turd biting! There is some really funny dialogue too, including a hilarious scene where a pledge doesn’t want to drink an initiation epicac and helpfully suggests to his friends: “We could stick it up our asses, or rub it on our hair and bodies!”

Anthrax was heavily featured on the soundtrack, and since it was 1988 the songs all rule! Their cover of Black Sabbath’s “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” is used amongst other killer tracks. Having Joey briefly appear in this movie and using Anthrax for the soundtrack assured it would appeal to at least a few metalheads when it made its debut on home video.

I remember renting this one back in the day and thinking it sucked. Looking back, it still probably does but I’d kill for a special edition dvd release. It’s funny how that works.




For three days in 1986 the Earth passes through the tail of a mysterious comet. During that time machines on earth come to life and terrorize their human creators. A small group of survivors led by Emilio Estevez hide out inside a greasy truck stop diner while a large group of homicidal tractor trailer trucks surrounds them. Think “Night Of The Living Dead” with big rigs instead of zombies. Emilio finds the conveniently located stash of machine guns and rocket launchers underneath the truck stop (wtf?) and tries to blow as much stuff up as HUMANLY possible. Humanly, get it? I’m being clever.

Best selling horror author Stephen King made his directorial debut with this hard rockin’, fast paced, and ultra violent tale of Earth being overran by killer machines. King adapted the screenplay from his original short story “Trucks.” To Steve’s credit he stuffed this flick with scene after scene of splashy violence. Little league players are squashed by steamrollers, watermelons crush peoples heads thanks to malfunctioning drawbridges, and lethal vending machines destroy genitals and electrocute people!

Steven King is also a well known metalhead. The man ran his own radio station in Maine for years and frequently played the likes of Black Sabbath and Anthrax. For “Maximum Overdrive” he turned to AC/DC, and the Aussies provided an incredible selection of music. They wrote three new songs exclusively for the movie: “Chase The Ace,” “D.T.,” and the theme song for the movie – “Who Made Who.” They also provided several pieces of untitled incidental music that was used throughout the movie.

The soundtrack album was released by AC/DC under the title “Who Made Who” and instantly became a big hit. (a much bigger hit than the movie actually) The movie on the other hand bombed and was savaged by bad reviews from critics and fans alike. It went on to become a staple of cable television, airing almost daily for what seemed like years. Over the years this flick has become a fan favorite and something of a cult clas-sick. I’m not a huge fan myself, but it’s hard to deny a flick with so much action. It certainly isn’t boring!




Not a horror movie, but the soundtrack is primarily SLAYER, and this flick is a must see anyway! Samson ‘John’ Tollet is a big gumpy teen (played to chilling perfection by Daniel Roebuck) who one day chokes his girlfriend to death because “she was talking shit.” He leaves her naked corpse in plain sight in a semi-secluded spot where the local kids gather to get wasted.

John tells his incredibly annoying speedfreak “friend” Layne (Cripsin Glover!) about it and soon enough a bunch of kids (including Keanu Reeves!) are going to the river’s edge to get a first-hand look at death. What’s strange is that no one seems to really effected or concerned by any of this, including the girl’s friends and her killer. After her body is finally discovered by police, Layne decides to stash John away at the house of their crazy pot dealer Feck (Dennis Hopper!) and tries to raise money so John can leave town. The next morning there is another dead body at the river’s edge.

That’s the express version of the story, but there’s a lot more going on. Kids are falling in love (sort of), brothers are torn apart and brought back together, lots and lots of drama. What’s amazing is how profoundly moving and disturbing this low budget film manages to be. There’s a lot of scenes worth mentioning, but my favorite is the epic conversation between Daniel Roebuck & Dennis Hopper where they discuss what it’s like to kill and why they did it. Even with those tremendous performances on hand Crispin Glover still manages to pretty much steal the whole fucking movie. (as usual!) His performance here is so over the top and on EDGE that you have to wonder how much of it is acting.

Then of course, there’s the soundtrack. Pure SPEED METAL with the likes of:

“Kyrie Eleison” – Fates Warning

“Captor of Sin” – Slayer

“Tormentor”- Slayer

“Evil Has No boundaries” – Slayer

“Die By The Sword” – Slayer

“Lethal Tendencies” – Hallow’s Eve

There’s also some nice punk rock from Agent Orange & The Wipers. It’s a great soundtrack that perfectly captures the grimy speeded out intensity of fast living, misspent youth. Call this the “Suburbia” of heavy metal. It’s a superior drama with the type of greasy long haired degenerate youth you could only find in 1986.

Enjoy some memorable quotes!!!

Layne: Why did you kill her?
Samson: She was talking shit.

Layne: This is like some fuckin’ movie. Friends since second grade, fuckin’ like THIS [crosses fingers] and then one of us gets himself in potentially BIG trouble, and now we’ve gotta deal with it; we’ve got to test our loyalty against ALL odds. It’s kind of…exciting. I feel like…Chuck Norris, y’know?

Fek: I killed a girl, it was no accident. Put a gun to the back of her head and blew her brains right out the front. I was in love.
Samson: I strangled mine.
Fek: Did you love her?
Samson: She was okay.

Kevin: [to teacher] Don’t you think violence is wrong?
Tom: Aw, fuck off, Kevin. Wasting pigs is radical, man!

Matt: [to his mother’s boyfriend] You’re only here so you can fuck my mother and eat her food. MOTHER FUCKER!!! FOOD EATER!!!


5 Responses to “Heavy Metal Memories!!!”

  1. Love TRICK OR TREAT! Haven’t seen it, though, since that initial time at the movie theater. SO needs a DVD release.

  2. Anchor Bay tried to do a special edition dvd or Trick Or Treat but ran into problems trying to secure the rights to the soundtrack by Fastway. Sucks.

  3. So Fastway are the ones to blame. It’s always somebody, isn’t it? In this case, an entire band is holding a movie hostage.

    • To be fair to Fastway, ( I am a huge fan of Fast Eddie!) I think the fault lies more with Columbia Records. They put out the original soundtrack album and most likely still own the rights.

      I also seem to remember reading this was Anchor Bay UK that was attempting the special edition dvd release, so it may not have even been considered for an Anchor Bay US release.

      I’m sure you know the film was available on dvd from Platinum Entertainment. Bare bones and most likely bootlegged, but worth having if you can still find it for cheap on Amazon.

  4. Make sense, actually, that it’d be Columbia Records, and not the band itself, now that I think about it. I’m trying to think who owns the rights now. It’s either Lionsgate or MGM.

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