Trip With The Teacher!

Gory greetings! Brain Hammer is back from the grave and ready to party. It’s time to take a trip.


A pretty young teacher named Miss Tenny takes four of her sexiest young pieces of jailbait on an ill-advised field trip into the desert. The bus breaks down along the way and Marvin, the mildly retarded bus driver is completely baffled by the situation. The tension quickly reaches a boiling point and a couple of the skanks promptly begin wrestling each other, much to the delight of Marvin (and the viewer!). Then things take a turn for the worse when a trio of bikers show up to “save the day.”

One of the bikers is actually a genuinely nice guy named Jay. We know for a fact that Jay is a genuinely nice guy because we already saw him lend a hand to the other two guys he’s riding with. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the other two guys happen to be a pair of drugged out, psychotic, rape happy bastard brothers named Al & Pete. Al is your standard issue, bad ass David Hess type, played by Zalman King of “The Red Shoe Diaries” infamy. Pete is the classic whimpering and ineffectual sidekick who spends a lot of his time slobbering drunk.

It doesn’t take long before a fight breaks out between Al and the (short) bus driver. Marvin uses his mongoloid strength to knock Al down, but the psychos manage to get the upper hand thanks to a little motorcycle mayhem. Al runs Marvin over with his bike and breaks Marvin’s neck in the process. Pete then freaks the fuck out and in a panic the two brothers take off. The helpless women and tender hearted Jay fiddle around for a while like morons trying to figure out what to do next, and Al & Pete eventually decide to go back to the bus and get their dicks wet before killing everyone.

After making short work of sweet & sensitive Jay, Al & Pete begin having their way with the scantily clad school girls. Miss Tenny watches helplessly as the thugs savage her students. One by one, the girls and their teacher are humiliated, beaten, and raped by the seemingly insatiable brothers. One unlucky gal tries to escape and gets her face pushed into mud until she chokes to death. After many hours of beer fueled bondage and brutality, Jay manages to free himself and tries to convince Miss Tenny and her students to finally fight back. The timid teacher hesitatingly agrees and begins to learn a lesson in revenge.

I really enjoyed this sleazy little 70’s rape & revenge flick from writer/director Earl Barton. The ads for this one screamed “How far should a teacher go to protect her students?” The real question should be, “How  long will a teacher watch her students get cornholed before she finally gets off her ass and tries to stop it?” It’s amazing how much time the teacher spends sitting around watching her students get raped. The thought of defending herself or her students simply never crosses her mind. She never tries to escape either. The girls are all equally dimwitted and miss multiple chances to run away when left alone by the bikers.

The film is largely carried by the performance of Zalman King, who I thought did a great job chewing up the scenery as the lead villain. The teacher and her students on the other hand aren’t quite as interesting, but they all look great, which is all that really matters. This film has an excellent assortment of eye candy. The rape and revenge isn’t quite in the same league as clas-sicks like “Last House On The Left” or “Death Weekend,” but it’s definitely worth a look for sick fucks (myself proudly included!) who crave this sort of thing.

You can find TRIP WITH THE TEACHER on dvd as part of the “Drive-In Cult Classics 8 Movie Collection” from BCI. For less than $10 this set is a steal. It’s also the best looking version of the film available on dvd. BCI uses Crown International’s original prints for their “Drive-In” and “Grindhouse” releases. The version of ‘Trip With The Teacher” included in the “Gorehouse Greats” collection from Mill Creek on the other hand looks like crap. The print used for this transfer is from a foreign source and is all beat up looking. Shop around, and find a BCI release. It’s worth the trip.




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