Night Of The Demon!

Gory greetings! It’s time to take a look at the greatest film ever made…that includes a scene where Bigfoot rips off a dude’s dick!


This one opens in the hospital room of the esteemed Professor Nugent. The Nuge was found half dead in the woods, horribly mutilated and incoherent from shock. An inspector arrives at the hospital to question the professor about the whereabouts of his five missing students. Fighting back the pain, Professor Nugent proceeds tells the inspector that all of the horror stories about the forest are true.

In the first of MANY flashbacks, the Nuge then tells the terrifying tale of a fisherman who was found brutally murdered in the same woods. Even more horrifying, the killer wasn’t a man – it was Bigfoot! The bloodthirsty Bigfoot demon rips the fisherman’s arm off and the stump bleeds behind the opening titles. The credits then arrive via sensitive sounding soft rock and footage of a good looking young couple walking on a college campus than resembles a 70′s tampon ad.

The good looking young couple are a pair of Professor Nugent’s prized students. Nuge shows his class disturbing lost footage that was recovered from the site of yet another suspected Bigfoot murder. Then the daughter of one of the victims shows up to talk at length about the time Bigfoot killed a couple that were fucking in a van. Bigfoot rudely interrupted the passionate proceedings by grabbing the dude and smashing his face into the roof of the van. The redhead bimbo reacts to her lover’s violent death by doing her best fake orgasms for a few minutes before the final freeze frame.

The professor then prepares an ill advised expedition into the woods with five of his favorite students. His wife thinks it is a terrible idea, and so does the college, who remove their funding. Regardless, the Nuge presses on and leads everyone to their inevitable  doom. After setting up camp ,the Professor tells a creepy campfire tale about a dude on a motorcycle who stopped on the side of a nearby road to smoke a joint and take a leak, only to have his dick ripped off by the infernal beast! Later that night things take a turn for the bizarre when the Nuge and one his students hear a noise and accidentally stumble upon a backwoods rape ritual being performed in Bigfoot’s honor!

The next morning, a random dude unrelated to the group who is also sleeping in the woods is killed by the demon. Bigfoot violently swings the dude around in his sleeping bag (Jason Vorhees stole everything from this guy!) before impaling him on a branch! Who this person is, I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter because it beefs up the body count. The students go to town and question the locals about the legends of Bigfoot and a deranged woman named Crazy Wanda. After hearing morbid tales of a religious cult led by Wanda’s father and Wanda’s rape and miscarriage, the group stupidly decides to push farther into the woods and look for Crazy Wanda’s secluded cabin.

As darkness falls Professor Nugent tells yet another incredible tale, this one about a woodsman that Bigfoot chopped to death with an axe. Then he spins a truly EPIC yarn about a pair of unfortunate Girl Scouts that Bigfoot stalked after before capturing them and forcing them to stab each other to death! These stories apparently turn on a pair of frisky students, who wander off to shag in a sleeping bag. The eternally cockblocking creature shows up to spoil their fun and give the Nuge’s student a bad case of the back scratch fever.

The group press on the next morning like nothing happened and eventually find and force their way into Crazy Wanda’s cabin. They then immediately impose their will upon the deranged and disturbed young woman. It’s hard to feel sympathetic for the professor or his students when they boss Crazy Wanda around, rifle through her meager possessions, and break into a bedroom that she had locked shut. As if this isn’t enough to justify their wholesale slaughter, the Nuge then takes it upon himself to hypnotize Crazy Wanda and force her to vividly recall her past traumas. Under hypnosis, Wanda reveals the twisted secrets about the time that Bigfoot boned her, and when she later burned her daddy for killing her Bigfoot baby.

Just when it seems like things couldn’t possibly get any more fucked up, the monster invades the cabin and unleashes a devastating final attack on the Nuge and his students! This unholy rampage is highlighted with strangulation, throat slashing, pitchfork impalement, and dismemberment capped off with Bigfoot gleefully swinging bloody intestines through the air! Professor Nugent makes a desperate attempt to stop the beast and winds up regretting it. But will he survive…and what will be left of his face?

Wow! I wish I could have seen this one sooner. What a fantastic, funny, and utterly fucked up flick! NIGHT OF THE DEMON was destined to be released unrated by an offshoot (no pun intended) of an Adult Video distributor, and is chock full of grisly, sexually themed footage that could easily earn it an X rating. It didn’t surprise me at all when I first read that this film had been banned in the UK as a Video Nasty back in the day. The graphic scenes of castration and dismemberment are presented in loving closeup and are about as gory as they come. Much credit must be given to director James C Wasson and writer Mike Williams for having the GUTS to create such a gruesome backwoods horror flick.

The acting is abysmal, the structure of the film is jumbled by the annoying flashback within a flashback set up, and when we finally get a good look at the monster, the makeup is cheap looking and ridiculous. You’ll actually be wishing for Charles B. Pierce to come along and show them how make a convincing looking creature. Not that any of that really matters. This is pure entertainment from start to finish. Whatever it lacks in competence or talent, it more than makes up for with carnage and cheap laughs. The characters are especially annoying body count fodder, and it’s easy to root for Bigfoot to bring on their gory demise. The highlight of the film has to be the incredible scene where Bigfoot makes the Girl Scouts stab each other. That one had me standing up and cheering. Fans of cheese-tastic 80’s clas-sicks such as “Don’t Go In The Woods…Alone” and “Mother’s Day” should consider this an essential backwoods bloodbath.

Code Red released NIGHT OF THE DEMON on dvd as part of their Maria’s “B” Movie Mayhem collection. Like the other entries in this series, viewers can choose to watch the film with or without annoying wrap around segments hosted by former WWE skank Maria Kanellis. Maria’s “Fantasy” music video is also included as a “bonus,” and it is truly wretched in every aspect. The dvd packaging also has reversible art cover that again allows the option of removing Maria from the proceedings. I’m not a fan of the cover art either way, and wish they had used some of the vintage materials instead. There is an onscreen disclaimer before the film apologizing for the source material they had to use for this release, but I can say this dvd looks much better than my bootleg dvd-r copy I had been making due with for years. Nothing else in the way of bonus features relating to the film, no commentaries, interviews, etc., but there are trailers for a few other upcoming Code Red dvd releases, including the Brain Hammer approved clas-sick “The Hearse.” This essentially bare-bones dvd release falls into the “better than nothing” category, but is still highly recommended to anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of seeing this film yet. It is truly an unforgettable experience.



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