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Cat In The Brain!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 13, 2016 by Brain Hammer

“Sadism, carnage, brutality, lust, and utter psychosis…delivered as only Lucio Fulci can!”



Italian horror legend Lucio Fulci stars as…Italian horror legend Lucio Fulci in this “real life versus reel life” shocker. The film within a film begins with a fevered Fulci pouring over his latest script, which promises such delights as a woman hacked to death with an axe, her face cleaved in half. Another strangled. Yet another hanged. Someone chopped to bits with a chainsaw, or drowned in boiling water, or throat ripped out by a maddened cat! Buried alive, tortured, scarred, stabbed, sawn in two, crucified, decapitated…the beastly roar of a savage cat tearing at his brain distorts his inner voice…devouring the remains.


We then join Fulci’s latest masterwork in progress, with a loving closeup of a female cadaver with a large bloody chunk of flesh missing from her leg…that we then see being panfried with mustard and eagerly devoured by a madman. The bloodthirsty maniac then uses his trusty chainsaw to hack away her limbs and head, and grinds her bloody meat into fresh hamburger which he then feeds to his pigs. Fulci calls cut and then dons his trademark red flannel coat & hat before dashing off himself for a quick bite to eat. Unfortunately, the images of his latest grisly scene flood his mind  and turn him off from enjoying a nice filet or some freshly minced tar tar.


Lucio goes home to rest but is disturbed by the sounds of his next door neighbor’s chainsaw in action, and soon begins to have visions of the blood soaked bastard coming after him with murder in his eyes. Fulci retaliates by grabbing a hatchet and smashing a couple cans of red paint. Plagued with a chronic fear of hamburger & gardeners, he turns to a local shrink – Egon Swharz for help. Swharz quickly concludes that Fulci is suffering from an identity crisis, breaking down the barriers between what he films and what is real. The barriers are further erased when Fulci later has to stage a Nazi orgy scene, a wonderful orgy with all the sex, cruelty, degradation, sadism and torture you can think of. Enraged with madness afterwards, Fulci strikes out at a visiting tele-journalist and begins violently tearing away her clothes…which the closeted reporter readily admits was the greatest thrill of her life. “Sadism? Nazism? Is there any point anymore?”

Meanwhile, the good doctor Swharz watches all of Fulci’s gore flicks on VHS and is struck with an evil idea of his own. He will subject Lucio to hypnosis to once and for all pass over the boundaries between fantasy and reality. Not in an effort to help Lucio restore his shattered sanity…but in order to create an evil being. A bloodthirsty monster totally possessed by madness, living out scenes he thinks are real. After the hypnosis, Fulci is tormented even further with nightmare visions of macabre death, rupturing wounds, violent stabbings, and severed heads melting inside his microwave. The mad doctor then plans to get rid of his cold & unloving wife once and for all and to use Lucio as the scapegoat, believing his gory films will condemn him as a violent murderer. Can Fulci find a way to end this nightmare concert before the final curtain falls?


Cat In The Brain (aka Nightmare Concert) was one of the final efforts from Italy’s master poet of the macabre, and serves as both a middle finger to his various critics and a loving wink to his legions of fans. Fulci gets the rare chance to step in front of the cameras, have a laugh at his reputation, and let the stuffy opposition of his films know exactly what he thinks about “that stupid old theory that seeing violence on the screen provokes violence.” Meanwhile, the fans of his macabre masterworks are treated to a “greatest hits” package of some of Fulci’s gory late-career highlights.


Cat In The Brain is perhaps best known for being an “odds & ends” package of recycled gore footage from various films that Fulci had a hand in creating, including scenes taken from Fulci’s “Touch Of Death” & “Sodoma’s Ghost.” There’s also footage from films that Fulci produced, including scenes lifted from Mario Bianchi’s “Murder Secret,” Leandro Lucchetti’s “Bloody Psycho,” Enzo Milioni’s “Escape From Death,” Giovanni Simonelli’s “Hansel E Gretel,” and Andrea Bianchi’s “Massacre.” Scene for scene, Cat In The Brain is easily Fulci’s most violent and gory film ever. It really doesn’t matter where the footage comes from, it’s way that Fulci effortlessly combines the assorted bloody scenes into one nightmarish whole that makes Cat In The Brain such a gory good time.

Make no mistake, this is a must see flick for lovers of the juicy red stuff! The numerous gory highlights include cannibalism, dismemberment, decapitation, piano wire strangulation, gouged eyes, and a shower scene knifing that makes the one in “Psycho” look like kid’s stuff. There’s also more chainsaw action here than in your average TCSM sequel. There are multiple chainsaw decapitations, including the unbelievable moment where a tyke on a tricycle loses his head. Cat In The Brain might never get as much attention from fans as Lucio’s earlier efforts for various reasons, but it’s still an excellent tongue in cheek horror flick that deserves a larger audience. And what diehard fan of Fulci’s wouldn’t delight in watching him take a final bow, sailing away in a boat named PERVERSION with plenty of freshly cut bait?


Cat In The Brain comes fully loaded on Blu-Ray in an overstuffed 3 disc set from Grindhouse Releasing, that includes the film’s fantastic Fabio Frizzi soundtrack on CD! The special features on this deluxe edition include in-depth interviews with Lucio Fulci and star Brett Halsey, new interviews with Fabio Frizzi and the film’s screenwriter, cinemattographer, and poster artist, theatrical trailers, stills and poster art galleries, and some very extensive liner notes, including thoughts from Lucio’s daughter Antonella Fulci. The package also comes complete with a nice postcard sized portrait of Lucio, and is topped off with some truly RAD glow in the dark packaging! Once again, huge credit must be given to the hard working folks at Grindhouse Releasing for putting together such an incredible deluxe edition blu-ray release. They have earned their spot as the leading purveyors of high definition chainsaw dismemberment, and this is yet another must have release. All Fulci fans need to pick this one up while they still can, or forever feel the torment of a maddened cat tearing at their cerebellum!