I Drink Your Blood & I Eat Your Skin!!!

I Drink Your Blood!

Rabid, drug-infested Hippies on a blood-crazed KILLING RAMPAGE!


A wandering hippy devil cult’s van breaks down, so they set up shop in a small backwater town which is nearly deserted thanks to the recent construction of a nearby dam. When night falls after a busy day of catching rats to barbecue, the hippies take acid, pledge themselves to master Satan, and proceed to freak the fuck out. Their leader Horace Bones is a Capricorn living in the Tenth House – the House of their lord Satan. Horace was born into Hell and reborn onto this Earth, the first born son of Satan.

Let it be known, sons and daughters, that Satan was an acid head. Drink from his cup; pledge yourselves. And together, we’ll all freak out!”


Horace commands his Earthly followers to drink from the chalice of psychedelic insanity. They pledge to live and kill for the father of damnation. One of their mock Satanic rituals degenerates into the brutal gang rape of a pretty young girl from town who was caught sneaking a peek from the woods. The poor girl wanders home the next morning dazed and drugged, conscious but unable to speak.

When her Grandpa, the town veterinarian, finally figures out what happened he foolishly decides to confront the drug infested Satanic hippies. They quickly dose Gramps up with LSD and send him packing. Grandpa is quickly reduced to an incoherent imbecile who uses salt & pepper shakers for rabbit ears. This indignity infuriates Grandpa’s chubby and feisty Grandson – Pete, who in turn shoots a rabid dog, expertly extracts a blood sample (!) and then injects the rabid dog blood into the hippies’ meat pies!

The hippies are duped by Pete into buying the tainted meat pies and quickly suffer the brutal effects of hydrophobia after eating them. The rabies combined with the hallucinatory drugs coursing through their veins makes them homicidal and they quickly turn on each other before wandering around the town, infecting others. One of the female hippies with a particularly roaring sex drive winds up getting gang fucked by several of the local construction workers, and they all become infected with rabies as well. Pete’s attempt at vigilante justice infects an entire town with rabies and turns a group of men into a band of bloodthirsty zombies, ravaging a peaceful countryside.

You will sit there and suffer through the tortures of the damned. You will sit and watch this shocking ugliness splashing across the screen. You will ask yourself, what acts of sadism will this electric knife be used for? What horrors will be performed with this axe, this hose, this dagger, this gun, this sword? All the implements necessary to make this the ultimate in adult horror films. We have painted a bloody picture, but it is only a small part of what takes place. Can you take it?


I am a long time fan of this legendary, bloodthirsty 1971 effort from director David Durston. My introduction the cult of Bones was initiated with the purchase of an “uncut” VHS from Midnight Video. As a Satanist, I get a lot of enjoyment out of dialog like “Let it be known brothers and sisters that Satan was an acidhead!” This has to be considered truly one of the most over the top and EVIL horror flicks of all time. There are lots of highly memorable performances from the rabid drug infested hippies to enjoy, including a master showing from the one and only Bhaskar as “Horace Bones,” the charismatic cult leader. Jadine Wong tears up the scenery as the deadly Asian beauty “Sue Lin,” and George Patterson rules over Hell as the wild eyed “Rolo.” George does his best to steal the movie (which is no small feat) and is very convincing as a slobbering, axe wielding lunatic. I also have to mention Riley Mills, who plays the pugnacious “Pete.” This kid is absolutely hilarious. Something about the supreme confidence in the way he delivers his dialog, and the way he carries himself really cracks me up. No one could say “Gran-Paw” better than Riley.

The breathtaking Lynn Lowry (The Crazies, Shivers) made her second uncredited on screen appearance (she had previously appeared in a small role in Lloyd Kaufman’s “The Battle Of Love’s Return”) here as the mute hippie who pledges herself to Satan and wields a mean electric knife. Lynn gets naked and looks absolutely beautiful here. She says more with her eyes than some actresses could say with a lengthy monologue. It’s a crime that she wasn’t credited here because her role is arguably the most memorable of the film and her image was frequently used in the ads…and much later, the dvd covers. “I Drink Your Blood” has a huge and well deserved cult following for a LOT of reasons, but Lynn’s memorable appearance in the film, and her many years of promoting the film, along with her legions of fans have definitely helped keep the legend alive.

This clas-sick Jerry Gross (the legendary producer responsible for I Spit On Your Grave, Zombie, Blood Beach and countless other exploitation clas-sicks) production was a perennial grindhouse and drive-in favorite, almost always paired with “I Eat Your Skin,” which was a rather lame 1964 black & white jungle/zombie effort from director Del “Horror Of Party Beach” Tenney. The one-two punch of I DRINK YOUR BLOOD and I EAT YOUR SKIN looked unbelievably cool on movie posters and the blood-curdling, skin-crawling promise of “the Biggest and Bloodiest double horror show in history” and “2 great blood -horrors to rip out your guts” was too much for audiences to resist…then and now.


Fans looking for a bloody good time might have been disappointed however, depending on where and when they saw the film, as the film was originally rated “X” for violence (the FIRST film in horror history to ever earn this dubious distinction!) and the prints were often butchered by local theater owners in a lame effort to tone it down. When you see this flick uncut it is chock full of bloodshed. The primitive & savage splatter is applied by the bucket full in the proud H.G. Lewis gross out tradition, and is sure to satisfy gorehounds. It’s also worth mentioning that were two different endings for the film. The original version climaxes with an extra gory gut-punch and then a moment of comic relief, and was director David Durston’s intended ending. Timid theater owners howled for a different ending, and most viewers of the film were unfortunately used to seeing a less shocking version of the film than intended.

Fortunately, those of us experiencing the film for the first time in the digital age didn’t have to worry about such indignities. The fine fiends at GRINDHOUSE RELEASING along with Fangoria (in association with Box Office Spectaculars) put out a fantastic special edition DVD of I DRINK YOUR BLOOD way back in 2002 which was completely uncut, and beautifully remastered. The bonus features included a very entertaining commentary track with director David Durston and star Bhaskar, four never before seen deleted scenes (which include the aforementioned more downbeat alternate ending), interviews with David Durston, Lynn Lowry, Tyde Kierney, and Jack Damon, the incredibly cool theatrical trailer and radio spots, and an extensive gallery of stills and poster art! There’s also “rare and shocking film” of Bhaskar performing “THE EVIL KING COBRA DANCE” and nifty day-glo cover art that glows in the dark. Trippy!!! This dvd also has some of the very coolest animated, interactive menus that I have ever seen. The whole package is good gory fun, and for many years has remained a proud staple of my DVD collection.


But once again, GRINDHOUSE RELEASING has gone a step beyond with their latest deluxe edition Blu-Ray of I DRINK YOUR BLOOD. This brand new high definition restoration is absolutely the best the film has ever looked, ever! The film is beautifully remastered and presented in two different versions: the uncut theatrical edition and the original uncensored director’s cut. This state of the art high definition presentation of the film alone would make this a must have Blu-Ray, but the new special features go a step further and make this a mandatory purchase.


For starters, there is a brand new commentary track with I DRINK YOUR BLOOD stars Jack Damon and Tyde Kierney. There’s also a brand new in depth interview with the late great director and creator David Durston. Fans of the man will be excited to see his long lost X rated psychedelic shocker from 1969 “Blue Sextet” included here as a bonus feature. Drive-in lovers and longtime fans of the clas-sick “I Drink Your Blood” and “I Eat Your Skin” double feature will be delighted to see that the 1964 Del Tenney film “I Eat Your Skin” is presented here as a bonus feature, for the first time ever in HD. There’s also a wealth of additional content, including all of the bonus features from the previous release, newly shot features highlighting the film’s theatrical re-releases, the always incredible Grindhouse Releasing trailer reel, and best of all…a limited edition OFFICIAL I DRINK YOUR BLOOD HORROR HYPO that allows blood-crazed collectors the harmless fun of drawing blood from rabid dogs and infecting their friends with rabies! This is yet another INCREDIBLE release from Grindhouse Releasing, and should be considered nothing less than an essential purchase for all lovers of LSD and Satan!


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